Year: 2015

School Oval Redevelopment Updates

We have a dedicate page on the website about the school oval redevelopment — keep up to date with progress by looking at this page.  

2015 Wrap Up

Dear Parents / Guardians Work on the oval has begun! As we near the end of the 2015 school year, we couldn’t have asked for a better way to see the progress made this year. The fencing is up, the

The Link 2015 Issue 40

New Grades, Twighlight Sports and VPA China Exchange

Dear Parents / Guardians New Grades Today we saw all children step up into their new grades with their new group of friends and their teacher. It is quite rare to have all teachers available for this session but we

The Link 2015 Issue 39

Recruitment, Transition, Welcome Sign, Books

Dear Parents / Guardians Teacher Recruitment As we continue the countdown until the last day of school on Friday 18th December, there are still many administrative matters to finalise before the holidays. As our student enrolments continue to increase, we are

The Link 2015 Issue 38

HPV, Absent Students

Dear Parents / Guardians I cannot believe it is only one month until Christmas Day. With only 17 more school days after today, we still have lots of exciting events on the calendar including Life Ed Van, Junior Cross Country, Grade 2

The Link 2015 Issue 37

The Link 2015 Issue 37

Basketball, HPV, Sahar’s Award & School Council

Senior Boys Basketball How awesome are the boys from the Senior Boys Basketball Team? On Monday they travelled with Mrs Bray and very supportive parents to compete in the state finals. After three victorious games, they played off in the Grand Final. With only