Month: September 2015

Last Week of Term 3

This last week of term 3 has proven to be a typical Victorian spring week. We had twenty-seven degrees and beautiful sunshine on Monday. As the grade 3 students, teachers and volunteer parents hopped on the bus to visit Melbourne Zoo

The Link 2015 Issue 29

Second Last Week of Term

I love the work I do as I am fortunate enough to see children’s work and smiling faces when they come to proudly show off their latest achievements. Late last week, four children from a grade 3 class came to show

The Link 2015 Issue 28

Multicultural Day, Website, and School Grounds Maintenance

Multicultural Day Yesterday we celebrated the many cultures combined into one Hillsmeade school community. Did you know that we have 53 cultures in our school with 47 different languages being spoken in our children’s homes? This is surely something to celebrate.

The Link 2015 Issue 27