Month: October 2015

Achievements and Oval Upgrade

Outstanding Achievements This is a week of celebrations at Hillsmeade. We have had some pretty amazing achievements that I’d like to share with our school community. Firstly, congratulations to Lebron Naea for his sporting prowess. Lebron recently represented Victoria in the

The Link 2015 Issue 33

Camp, School Conference, Peer Support Leaders & Pupil Free Day

Somers Camp The children who attended Somers Camp returned safe and sound and from all accounts, a fantastic time was had by all. Ms Toni Barker who went with the children shared how the Hillsmeade students participated in new learning opportunities,

The Link 2015 Issue 32

School Website and Prospective Families

School Website This week we have exciting news regarding the school website. The current website has been well overdue for an overhaul. The school leadership team, staff and Stewart Johnson (Parent/School Council Vice President) have been working to update the

The Link 2015 Issue 31

Welcome to Term 4

Welcome to Term 4, eleven weeks for your children to continue their love of writing (as one of our key improvement areas this year), getting ready for transition into the next year level and enjoying the beautiful weather. Our teachers

The Link 2015 Issue 30