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Dear Parents / Guardians

I cannot believe it is only one month until Christmas Day. With only 17 more school days after today, we still have lots of exciting events on the calendar including Life Ed Van, Junior Cross Country, Grade 2 camp, MAD Day, Big Day Out (Grade 6), Little Day Out (Grade 5), Big Night In, Grade 6 Graduation, Choir Concert, Christmas Concert, prep transition sessions, our whole school transition morning and a family sports afternoon. Please keep your eyes on the Link and watch for the notices coming home for these events.

Human Powered Vehicles

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 3.47.01 PMI know there is a special page in today’s edition for our HPV group who travelled to Maryborough last week for the Energy Breakthrough Competition, however I couldn’t let it pass without congratulating all the children, their parents, our sponsors and of course, our wonderful teachers whose passion, commitment and enthusiasm ensured our children participated in this year’s event. Rob Kay, Toni Barker and our pre-service teacher Tegan Aoun deserve to be acknowledged. Well done guys, you made the front page of The Maryborough District Advertiser. (Photo courtesy of the paper).

Absent Students

As we start to collect data for the end of year reports, we have identified that quite a large number of children have been absent this year without explanation. These absences are recorded as Unexplained Absences on our system until an explanation from parents is received. The Department of Education’s policy states:

Parents/guardians are required to provide an explanation for their child’s absence from school.

If your child has unexplained absences on our system, you will shortly be receiving a letter outlining the dates and seeking an explanation for the absence. Please support us with following the correct procedure by ensuring you follow up with this request, and for future absences, you provide a note to the school outlining the reason.


Our enrolment numbers for 2016 are showing an increase in our total number of students across Prep-6. This year we were funded for 854.2 students and we are currently working on 875 with over 140 prep enrolments. As we plan for 38 grades, there will be some movement of classes and ongoing recruitment of teachers. Things don’t slow down here!


Stewart Johnson

Stewart Johnson

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