In Case You Missed It: U-Train

U Train

This year Hillsmeade Primary School have been excited to partner with U train. Glenn Cooper shares a little bit about how Hillsmeade is supporting these Secondary School students.

You may have noticed on a Tuesday and a Friday some young people wearing bright blue tops. These young people are U TRAiN trainees. They are enrolled in Secondary School and are studying a Certificate III in Education Support. The wonderful staff at Hillsmeade PS are supporting these young people by providing leadership, experiences, knowledge and skills in literacy, numeracy and reading. By gaining this experience and qualification, the young people will be able to make sound judgements about their life after school. A big thank you to the whole community at Hillsmeade Primary. 

Glenn Cooper
U – Train 

Stewart Johnson

Stewart Johnson

School Council President at Hillsmeade Primary School
Stewart is in his fourth year on the school council at Hillsmeade, and has 3 children attending the school and ELC. He administers the Hillsmeade school website.
Stewart Johnson