Picking Up Students During School Hours

If you are planning on picking your child up from school in between 11-11:30am or 1:30-2:30pm, please let the office or teacher know so we can have your child and their bags waiting in the office.

While the kids are outside, it is hard for them to hear all of the announcements. Our teachers also lock the classrooms during recess and lunch so it can make collecting school bags difficult.

After school if you are running late please call the office before 3:20pm so we can call your child to the office and have them wait with us.

Please remember school finishes at 3:30pm each day and your child is required to be picked up no later than 3:45pm.

In Case You Missed It: English as an Additional Language (EAL) Program

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Program

I have had the pleasure of working at Hillsmeade since its opening in 2003. During this time I have worked as a classroom teacher, focussing mainly in the junior school. I have recently joined the Intervention team, assisting with the EAL program (English as an Additional Language).

As the Hillsmeade school population now includes a number of families who speak an additional language, this program is an exciting opportunity to assist our students. Although they are privileged to share another language with their friends and families, the Victorian curriculum acknowledges the need to support our English language learners.

As part of the Intervention team, I am developing programs to support these students. Prep and grade one English learners attend EAL sessions with me for three 30 minute classes per week. Students participate in a number of ‘hands on’ and formal activities which allow them to practise speaking English, build their vocabulary and undertake learning in a small group situation. These learning opportunities have already shown increased achievement for our students.

Our English learners are also supported within their classrooms through collaborative planning which caters for multiple skill levels. Classroom teachers also have access to professional readings and information from the EAL network to support them in catering for our students.

Angela Cooper

Reminder: No Dogs on School Grounds during School Hours

We ask parents not to bring dogs onto the school grounds before 4:30pm during school days. There have been a growing number of dogs being brought onto school grounds during school hours and there have been reports of students being harassed and injured as a result of contact withdogs.

We ask that you respect this request and regard the safety of Hillsmeade students.

In Case You Missed It: U-Train

U Train

This year Hillsmeade Primary School have been excited to partner with U train. Glenn Cooper shares a little bit about how Hillsmeade is supporting these Secondary School students.

You may have noticed on a Tuesday and a Friday some young people wearing bright blue tops. These young people are U TRAiN trainees. They are enrolled in Secondary School and are studying a Certificate III in Education Support. The wonderful staff at Hillsmeade PS are supporting these young people by providing leadership, experiences, knowledge and skills in literacy, numeracy and reading. By gaining this experience and qualification, the young people will be able to make sound judgements about their life after school. A big thank you to the whole community at Hillsmeade Primary. 

Glenn Cooper
U – Train 

In Case You Missed It: Intervention & EAL Support

Intervention and EAL support

At Hillsmeade P.S we have several programs to assist students who need extra support, as well as programs catering for extending our students.

The Levelled Literacy Intervention provides regular intensive small group instruction which supplements classroom literacy in the Early Years. (Di Poulter, Jo Monrroy, Kathryn Kidd).

The English Language Support is a small group program aiming to develop student oral language and vocabulary. (Angela Cooper)

The Extension in Excellence program is designed for our high achieving Grade 6 students to extend their knowledge and thinking. Students explore literacy and numeracy skills at a more advanced level. (Meg Yates).

The Oral Language program looks to support student oral language skills leading to improved learning in other key learning areas. (Kathryn Kidd).

Support in reading, writing and maths is offered to Grade 3, 4 and 5 students with regular small group instruction. (Sharron Porter, Judy Kenny).