Talk, Talk, Talk!

An article from The Age quotes Associate Professor John Munroe (University of Melbourne) on the importance of developing good oral language skills in young children. He makes the point that “Good language skills and the ability to communicate effectively are key

foundations to students’ capacity to learn”. Parents often focus on the development of reading, writing and spelling whilst underestimating the importance of equally developing children’s oral language. He offers these tips for parents to more effectively support their children’s language skill development.

Talking Tips

  • Help children to learn new words and build a richer vocabulary. Encourage them to name items, actions and use descriptive words.
  • Encourage them to talk in sentences about experiences and events, expressing what they think and feel.
  • Show them how to use a broader range of sentences when they are playing with toys, listening to a story or talking with others.
  • Build their listening capacity. Share stories and play games in which they need to listen, respond to information and follow instructions.
  • Help them listen for and use sound patterns in words. Encourage them to rhyme words, sing and read stories that have rhyming words.
  • Teach them to ask different types of questions and to use questions to learn new ideas.
  • Ask them to predict what could happen next when sharing an experience such as shopping or playing, reading them a story or playing with toys.
  • Ask them to retell experiences. Show them photos of experiences you have shared or videos they have seen and ask them to say what happened.

Extract from The Age – August 29th 2011

You can access the article at The Age if you would like to read the whole article.

Our Prep enrolments for 2016 are well underway and we are planning the transition program for term four. If you have siblings or know of friends and neighbours that will be enrolling for 2016 please encourage them to enrol now so we can plan effectively for the number of Prep teachers needed next year and provide appropriate spaces for our transition program. We also have limited space in our Long Day Care program for 3-5year old children at the Early Learning Centre.

Just drop in for a tour and obtain a position for this year, or future years by enrolling on our waiting list. Sessional Kindergarten enrolments must go through Casey of Casey Council. You may need to fill in a change of preference form for 2017 and beyond to ensure your family does not miss out on the opportunity of attending the Hillsmeade 4year old funded Kindergarten program.

Road Safety

I want to remind and encourage families that we have approximately 850 students arriving and leaving the school every day. Walking to school is encouraged for healthy bodies and supports optimal learning after active movement. We need your support to drive safely and obey road laws when you are dropping off students for school.

A reminder to not park in the ELC & School staff car park, or obstruct the driveway, as children exit the school via this driveway.
We have a mini working bee this Friday from 4:00 to 5:00p.m., we look forward to your support in weeding garden beds, moving mulch and cleaning up areas to improve the appearance of our school. Thank you to the families who came to our last mini working bee. Many hands make light work!

Ms Harry returns from her holidays next week, so I would like take the opportunity to thank the school community, as I have enjoyed the role of Acting Principal in her absence.

Shiona Watson

Acting Principal

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