Welcome, Staff Positions, Illness and Insurance

Dear Parents / Guardians

Welcome to the 2016 school year. I’d particularly like to welcome our new children in prep and across the other year levels. I hope that your son/daughter has enjoyed their first few days at school this year as they get to know more about their new teacher and classmates.

This will be an exciting year for our school community as we continue on the school improvement journey. Last year, our priority focussed on using the VCOP Writing Framework and implementing the KidsMatter Program. We will continue with the changes already made including another VCOP PD Day on Monday 15th February (no children at school on this day). This year, we also undertake a review of our current Strategic Plan and develop a new four plan for 2017-2020.

I’d like to welcome new staff to Hillsmeade PS and ELC:

  • Emily Wahl (Prep F)
  • Sarah Rhimes (1B)
  • Brydee Wolf (2C)
  • Angela Herres (3B)
  • Simon MacAdams (3D)
  • Kim Hynes (5B)
  • Crystal Wells (5C)
  • Laura Black (5E)
  • Ashneigh Hughes (6E)
  • Ahmad Chazbek (PE)
  • Jessica Watts (Kinder teacher ELC)
  • Ashley Coad (ELC)

Our leadership team for 2016 is:

  • Deborah Harry (Principal)
  • Shiona Watson (Assistant Principal/Director ELC)
  • Jodie Bray (Assistant Principal)
  • Scott Clode (Assistant Principal)
  • Sharon Whiting (Business Manager)
  • Mandy Ryan (Leading Teacher Literacy)
  • Mitze Lau (Student Wellbeing Officer)

We are privileged to be supported by our Professional Learning Team Leaders:

  • Sarah Smith (Prep)
  • Kristen Martin (Grade 1)
  • Trisa Kett (Grade 2)
  • Dimple Bhardwaj (Grade 3)
  • Carmel Spruhan (Grade 4)
  • Carmen Collins (Grade 5)
  • Matthew Moore (Grade 6)
  • Lisa Scott (Specialist)

We also have Greg Clement and Paul Zoudlik supporting teachers with ICT and data collection.

We are again required to hold a School Council Election for the 2016 school year. Information will be attached to the Link next week however you will find an election process timetable with dates in this edition. The call for nominations will start on 10th February. Forms can be collected from the Administration Office from this date. We have 3 parent member and 2 DET member vacancies for the next two years.

The oval continues to be developed and unfortunately, due to the inclement weather and some plumbing issues, the contractors are slightly behind schedule. We are hoping to see the synthetic turf being laid within a week. You can see progress photos on our website.

Student Illness and Accidents

At this time early in the school year I’d like to remind parents about the necessity to keep us up to date with phone numbers and emergency contact details. Please make sure you notify the Office of any changes to yours or your Emergency Contact details.

Parents and guardians should also be aware that they are generally responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including any Ambulance transport costs. Most medical costs will be refundable by Medicare. If you are a member of an ambulance or health insurance fund, you may also be able to claim transport or other expenses from the fund. The Department of Education and Training (DET) does not hold accident insurance for school students.

Is other Insurance available? Yes. There are commercial providers of insurance for students and they can be found Online or through your Insurance Broker.

Students, Parents & Staff Personal Property

On a similar topic, personal property is often brought to school by students, staff and visitors. This can include mobile phones, calculators, toys, sporting equipment and cars parked on school premises. Please note the Department of Education and Training (DET) does not hold insurance for personal property brought to schools and it will generally not pay for any loss or damage to such property.


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