School Oval, Asbestos, School Council and more

Dear Parents & Guardians –

School Oval

Our school community is abuzz with the progress of our new running track and AFL/Soccer field. Although slightly behind schedule, it is actually exciting for the children to see how the oval is being transformed. These shots are of today’s work. It won’t be long now before we’re all enjoying the new grounds. (Click here to see all the development photos.)

New oval and running track

Asbestos Inspection

The Department of Education and Training has arranged a contractor to inspect schools for asbestos which was used extensively in building materials in the past but is now banned. Asbestos is considered safe unless damaged or in poor condition. Yesterday, we had our inspection and as a result a number of portables have been labelled according to the DET’s Health and Safety Management Plan. The labels form part of a comprehensive program to ensure Victorian government schools remain safe. The DET outlines that our children’s safety is our number one priority and this is why they are taking the extra step as a precaution.

Lunch time activities

Our lunch time activities are running again this year. These include Art Club, POD play, Band, Mandarin Club, Homework Club and Choir. We are also starting a Grade 3 -6 Elective Program timetabled every second Friday (alternative to our assembly) next week. Thirty-one electives have been allocated allowing children to meet other teachers and older/younger children. We have science, Design/Craft/ICT, Gardening, Connecting with community, Performing Arts, HPV and Sport/Health options.

Older Siblings from Alkira

I would like to urge our parents to remind their older children who attend Alkira Secondary College that they should wait on the soccer oval on Monday and Thursday afternoons between 2.30pm and 3.30pm. Some of these older siblings are picking up their brother or sister to walk home or wait for their parent/s. Hillsmeade PS certainly support families with their arrangements, however we have had experiences of the older children interrupting classes, riding their bikes through the grounds when parents and little children are coming into the school and sadly, in some cases, they have verbally abused our teachers. There is an OH&S concern if children are on Hillsmeade PS grounds without the knowledge of the principal, particularly if an evacuation or lock-down occurs.

School Council Elections

The School Council election process commences today. If you would like to nominate to be on School Council, please collect a notice from the office. Should we receive more nominations than the vacant positions, an election will be required. I am looking forward to working with the newly formed School Council after the election of office bearers on Monday 21st March.


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