National Young Leaders Day, Twilight Sports, and more

Dear Parents & Guardians –

National Young Leaders Day

Today I am lucky enough to write the Principal section, as Ms Harry and Mr Moore set off early this morning with an excited group of school leaders to attend the National Young Leaders Day at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

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Twilight Sports

Last week was our first school community event on Wednesday the 24th of February. The Twilight Sports / Sports Field Opening was a huge success. The weather contributed to a fun filled afternoon that saw many students, parents andteachers engaged in a wide range of sports activities. In order for events like this to happen there is a lot of behind the scenes planning that takes place. Ms Harry would like to thank:

  • Mr Fraser Gherig and his company Tuff Turf for providing and cooking over 400 sausages for the event
  • Mr Chazbek and the Specialist team for organising and coordinating the event
  • The school student leaders who were involved in setting up and leading activities
  • Staff who lead, participated and promoted the activities
  • Coles Narre Warren South for providing free fruit for families and
  • Students and parents who came and participated in the event.

The specialist team collected and collated student attendance data for the event and were pleased that over 40% of our students attended.

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School Tours

On Tuesday this week we held our first school tour. We had 15 new families come to tour the school and they were very excited to see students hard at work, PE classes out utilising the new sports field and they were also pleasantly surprised by students who took the time to stop and welcome them to the school. Our next school tour will be on Wednesday the 23rd of March at 10am.

Professional Learning Teams

In line with Victoria as ‘The Education State’ Hillsmeade Primary School is continuing to utilise year level Professional Learning Teams. This means that year level teams of teachers work together for two structured hours per week to collaboratively plan, analyse data, design assessments and reflect on teaching and learning to better meet the needs of all students within a year level. Please talk to your teacher if you would like to know more.


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Jodie Bray

Jodi started at Hillsmeade as a Leading Teacher in 2015, and then Assistant Principal in 2016. She was acting Principal for two terms in 2016/2017 and then became substantive Principal in term 2, 2017.

She brings a wealth of pedagogical experience to Hillsmeade, and is passionate about using data to drive student outcomes. She is also a passionate basketball player and coach.