Reminder: Connect to the School Portal (Sentral)

Please connect to the school portal as soon as possible.

The portal provides families with direct access to discreet information about your child as well as an interactive area to communicate directly with your child’s teacher and the school via a secure application managed by the school.

Initially, the portal will provide parents with access to your child’s enrolment details and will allow you to update these records. Parents will be able view your child’s attendance records and provide explanations for any unexplained absences. As a parent you will be able to view school newsletters, class notices and communicate directly with your child’s teacher.

As the portal is developed it will provide you with more significant information about your child and their progress at school.

To facilitate access to the portal all families will require a valid email address. Once registered you will be required to enter your unique family access key. Please contact the office for your portal letter.

Categories: General Updates
Stewart Johnson

Stewart has been the school Business Manager since 2017. His background is in Technology and Banking, and he has 3 children at Hillsmeade.