Reminder: Book Club Orders Due Tomorrow

If you’re purchasing books through Scholastic Book Club then the orders are due tomorrow. The preferred way to order is through the online system (Scholastic LOOP).

After a very successful Book Fair, Book Club is back!

Issue 5 brochure was given out in July. Hopefully you have had a chance to look through the brochure, which is packed with some very popular and exciting books. Some of the books are as low as $2.00!

I was excited to see the new Nick Bland book The Very Sleepy Bear, Do Not Open This Book by Andy Lee (which was very popular at the recent Bedtime Stories) and Aaron Blabey’s Pig the Winner and Don’t Call Me Bear, which are shortlisted for the CBCA Book of the Year awards.

When children read lots of books from different authors and genres, they get lots of ideas and different styles that will improve their own writing. I read in a local newspaper how a young student was so excited by the book she was reading, that she wanted to write a book and become an author!

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Stewart Johnson

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