Music Term 3 Newsletter

It has been fantastic to see so many smiling and enthusiastic students over the past few weeks ready to face new challenges and opportunities this semester.  Term 3 promises to be a busy and exciting term in the music department!

In Prep, students will develop their skills in keeping a steady beat through singing, dancing and playing a variety of percussion instruments.  They will explore creating and responding to high and low sounds and fast and slow music.

In Year 1 and Year 2, students will be developing their knowledge of beat and rhythm through a variety of  ‘hands on’ practical music making activities and games.  They will continue to develop their singing skills.

Year 3 students will be challenged to learn how to play the recorder. They will also study instruments in the orchestra and how to recognise the sound of individual instruments.

Year 4 students will be learning techniques to play the ukulele and will use these to play and sing along to a variety of music.

Year 5 will experience playing the guitar and keyboard.  They will be learning to play chords to accompany a variety of songs in whole class music making.

Year 6 students will further develop their individual skills in instrumental playing by choosing an instrument that they wish to study.  They will unite as a whole class to perform songs to an audience.

Finally, both the Junior Choir and Progressive Choir will be performing in assembly and the students taking part in the Victorian State Schools Spectacular will be performing at the Hisense Arena.

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Lisa Scott

Lisa teaches Music at Hillsmeade Primary School.