Visual Arts Term 3 Newsletter

I am looking forward to another exciting term in Visual Art. Students will be learning to further develop their art skills and learn new skills.

Prep students will be learning to develop their drawing, painting and collage skills. They will be using stencils for tracing and a variety of different painting techniques.

Year 1 students will be learning about portrait art. They will be creating a variety of portrait artworks that use different artistic skill and media.

Year 2 students will be looking at the artists Dean Russo and Paul Klee before creating artworks inspired by these artists.

Year 3 students will be further developing their drawing skills. They will be introduced to  a variety of drawing   media and techniques and learn how to follow step by step instructions.

Year 4 students will be working on their drawing skills when creating still life artworks. They will also be working together with a fellow student to create a paper mache construction.

Year 5 will be looking at the artists Rene Magritte and Georgia O’Keeffe. After viewing the work of these artists they will create a surreal artwork and an abstract painting.

Year 6 students will be further developing their drawing skills when creating a still life artwork. They will be learning how to sew and make a mask out of Modroc.

I am building up a set of Visual Arts pages on the website with examples of student artwork, so stay tuned!

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