Kids & Tech Update: Podcasts

Hi Families – This week we would like to share a few of our favourite kid-friendly podcasts.

That Story Show features funny real-life stories that are family-friendly. The shows are all about an hour long, so they’re great for long drives.

TED Talks Kids & Family is a family-friendly version of the popular TED talks series. There’s a long archive of really interesting topics in this podcast!

Wow in the World is a science curiosity show – Mindy & Guy ask questions and then talk to real scientists in a kid-friendly way to explain things like why onions make us cry and how much space junk is around the Earth.

Story Pirates is AMAZING! They take real stories written by primary-age kids and turn them into real radio shows. The results are bizarre and hilarious!

Short & Curly is the ABC podcast that spawned Pickle. It is also about philosophy questions and features discussions with kids from Australian schools!

Pickle is a philosophy podcast for kids that tackles tricky questions for curious kids. When we’re listening to it as a family we often end up pausing the show to discuss our thoughts.

“Should Carl tell on Shumita?” caused some real debate in the car!

Here is a beginner’s guide to podcasts if you would like help getting started. Let us know if you have any other podcasts you enjoy!

Assistant Principal Crystal Wells & Business Manager Stewart Johnson

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Stewart Johnson

Stewart has been the school Business Manager since 2017. His background is in Technology and Banking, and he has 3 children at Hillsmeade.