Parent Teacher Conferences open for Booking now

  • Mrs Bhardwaj (5/E) and Ms Crowe (2/F) will be available next week on Monday Sep 9 and Wednesday Sep 11 (as they are unavailable in the final week of term). There are conference items in Compass set up for each of these teachers separate to the main conference item for all other teachers.
You can make bookings with all of your child’s teachers this term, including any specialist subjects: Art, Music, DigiTech, Mandarin and P.E.

How do I make a booking?

Compass website: if you log in to Compass you will see a green notification at the top of your news feed telling you that you have conferences available. When you open the conference there is help available on how to make bookings.

Compass app: when you open the app, tap the 3 bars in the top left corner and then tap Conferences in the side menu. You will see the conference items there available for booking.

Need a Translator?

Please contact us ASAP if you require us to book a translator – we have to organise through an agency, and the sooner we make the booking the more likely one will be available.


Please contact the office if you need assistance.
(03) 9704 6313
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Stewart Johnson

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