Statewide Curriculum Days March 27 and April 14 – no students at school

Hi Families – This Friday March 27 will be a Curriculum Day. No students at school.

The Minister for Education (James Merlino MP) today approved an additional two pupil-free days for all Victorian Govt Schools. The first will be on the last day of this term – Friday next week – and the second will be on the first day of Term 2 after the coming school holidays.

Schools will be using this time for preparing for the possibility that we will need to move at some stage to more flexible learning arrangements, including remote learning.

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Jodie Bray

Jodi started at Hillsmeade as a Leading Teacher in 2015, and then Assistant Principal in 2016. She was acting Principal for two terms in 2016/2017 and then became substantive Principal in term 2, 2017.

She brings a wealth of pedagogical experience to Hillsmeade, and is passionate about using data to drive student outcomes. She is also a passionate basketball player and coach.