Answers to SurveyMonkey Questions as of 8 April 4pm

Thank you for the questions and positive comments received via survey monkey. Please see below answers to the questions in related themes.

Answers are based on information available to Leadership as of the 8th of April 2020.

Students attending school

If students can learn from home they must learn from home. If families cannot provide supervision and there is not a parent / carer able to work from home, then students can attend school (as needed) and be supervised by staff to engage in the learning being provided each day. Notice of attendance will be required to 24 hours prior to attendance.

Staffing at School

There will be a skeleton staff at school providing care and supervision for students who cannot be supervised at home. This staffing will be rotational as per the directives of the Department.

School Times

School will be open at 8:45am – 3:45pm. We ask that a parent / carer drops the student at the front gate and a staff member will be there to collect them.

What will it look like?

Term 2 2020 will look very different. All students (whether at home or supervised at school) will be engaging in remote learning. This will look like a daily Compass message being sent by the class teacher at 8:45am outlining the days learning. Students will be contacted via phone through parent mobile numbers to engage in a learner conference each week, in which the class teacher will check in on your child’s learning and wellbeing.

Can it be flexible?

Yes, of course. We understand the complexities this change has on families. Positive engagement with learning is important, but so is health and wellbeing. As a school we want to partner with parents and carers and work in collaboration to support this new way of working. Regular communication with teachers will be important in working flexibly for students to positively engage in learning.

What will it not look like?

Teachers will not be teaching via live streaming video content.

Will the ELC be running and Kindergarten?

Yes the Kinder is open at the ELC. There is no reduction in fees for 3 year old Kinder, but remote learning is also an option.

Support with devices

If your child does not have one-to-one access to a device, the school will be making devices (school iPads and laptops) available. This will take time, but preparations are currently underway. These resources will be on loan and will be available at no cost to families.

Access to cameras and microphones

Students will not need access to a device laptop and / or microphone to engage in the home learning.

Access to student stationery and books

If you are in need of your child’s stationary and books please let us know via email and we will coordinate making some resources available.

Parent / Carer Handbook

This document will be shared with families at the end of Thursday the 9th of April. Please note information that schools receive is updated daily and we will communicate any revisions as necessary.

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Stewart Johnson

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