Victorian Principals’ Day 2020

Today (Friday August 7 2020) is Victorian Principals’ Day!

Today is the day we take a moment to acknowledge the hard work and leadership of our Principal Jodie Bray, and her leadership team: Sarah Smith, Crystal Wells & Shiona Watson.

Jodie BraySarah SmithCrystal WellsShiona Watson

In a normal year, we would have plenty of examples of how Jodie and her team have stood up for Hillsmeade, put students first, reached out to students and families in need for direct support, all while ensuring the curriculum goals of the school are met and the school remains financially viable. All while running an OSHC and Early Learning Centre at the same time.

This year however, it is a little different. While continuing to do all of those things, Jodie and her team have faced head-on into how to make Hillsmeade the best possible school we can in the face of the unprecedented-in-our-lifetime challenge of a global pandemic that has hit our region particularly hard. Jodie & her team have — without exaggeration — worked around the clock to provide as much stability and support as possible for our families, students & staff, and have sought out and implemented feedback from our staff and families to keep moving forward and doing even better. Jodie and her team switch back and forth constantly and seamlessly between thinking strategically about the school and community as a whole, and supporting individual families and students. Every. Single. Day.

On this day, we hope that Jodie & her team can pause for a brief moment to hear our gratitude and reflect with pride on how far we have come, and what we have achieved in our most challenging year yet. I know I speak for all our staff when I say: Jodie, Sarah, Crystal & Shiona — we are incredibly grateful that we’ve got you at the helmof our ship. We say it often but we don’t say it lightly: 

We Appreciate You.

Families: if you would like to send any messages to the school for Principals Day, please send them to the school mailbox (

— Stewart Johnson (Business Manager)

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Stewart Johnson

Stewart has been the school Business Manager since 2017. His background is in Technology and Banking, and he has 3 children at Hillsmeade.