Canteen Update

Hi Families –

Our new canteen providers visited today, and we are excited for them to open the canteen soon — they are as excited and enthusiastic as us about getting the canteen going in 2022.

Unfortunately, we are still waiting for inspections & paperwork to be completed by the City of Casey. Our new canteen team aren’t legally allowed to operate the canteen until that has been completed, and we don’t have an ETA from Council. We hope it’s not too long, and we’ll keep you up to date as we learn more.

The new canteen team shared with us a proposed menu today, which we will share with families as soon as it is approved by our leadership and finalised. It has all your favourites from last year, and plenty of healthy options like fresh fruit & vegetables pre-cut in cups, and some home-made baked items.

When we’re ready to operate we will formally introduce the new team to the school community — they are really lovely people, and we’re excited about welcoming them into the Hillsmeade community.

Stewart Johnson

Stewart has been the school Business Manager since 2017. His background is in Technology and Banking, and he has 3 children at Hillsmeade.