School Fees for 2020

Charges for 2020 were set by the School Council to be:

Essential Items Charge $170
Voluntary Charge $50
Total $220

This DET diagram on parent payments with the invoices to explain the what these fees mean:

Understanding Parent Payment Categories

In summary:

  • Essential Items are the parent contribution for essential learning items and other curriculum resources. You will need to pay these fees to receive your child’s book pack.
  • Voluntary Charges are non-compulsory, and are used to improve the school for all children, such as playground equipment, library books, etc.

Fees are payable when collecting book packs.

Book Packs

Book packs will be available for collection from Monday December 9, 2019. They are available for payment/collection every school day 8:30am – 4:00pm through to the end of term (December 20, 2019).

We will also be open on Thursday January 23, 2020 (during the school holidays) 9:00am-5:00pm for book pack sales.

The school requires that parents collect book packs and take them home for labelling and then bring them back on day 1 of term 1, 2019 (Wednesday January 29, 2020). This is so that students are 100% ready to start learning on day 1 of term, rather than spending valuable class time collecting, organising & labelling stationery.

Students in Prep and Grade 1 share all their pens & pencils, so you won’t need to label those — you should label their exercise books and reading journals. Students Grades 2 to 6 should have all their items labelled, they don’t share book pack stationery.

You will need to pay at least the Essential Items fee ($170) in order to collect your book pack.

There is a custom book pack for each grade level — these were determined by the grade leaders so that students have the right resources for learning in 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered here please contact the school office.

  • What payment methods are available?
    Compass is preferred – you can pay in full or on a payment plan over 6 months. Cash and EFTPOS at the school office. Eligible parents can use CentrePay — forms available at the office.
  • Can I use Qkr?
    No. Qkr is only used for Canteen, ELC and OSHC payments.
  • Can I use CentrePay?
    Yes! Parents eligible for CentrePay can complete a CentrePay form at the office, and when it is lodged with us they will receive their book packs.
  • Can you just send my child’s books to their classroom?
    No. All items should be labelled with the child’s name, and we ask parents to do this over the summer. That way all students can be 100% ready to start learning on Day 1 of teaching in 2020.
  • Are there discounts for families with multiple children?
    The Essential Items charge was set by council at $170 for all children with no sibling discounts.
  • Can I use a payment plan?
    We support payment plans through CentrePay and Compass. (See above).
  • Is it cheaper to buy my child’s stationery myself?
    No, we purchase nearly 900 book packs in bulk and get significant savings as a result. The $170 fee covers both the book pack and a collection of other resources that are used directly in the classrooms. If you purchase your own book pack stationery you will still need to pay $120 for the Essential Items fee to cover the remaining items used in classrooms.
  • Do I need to label everything with my child’s name?
    Prep and Grade 1 share pens, etc, so you just need to label their exercise books, folios and reading journals.
    Grades 2-6 should have all of their items labelled as they don’t share book-pack stationery.