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Lameka PF


Ashlee PC

Tatum PD

Shape collages

The Prep students have been working on their collage skills and been further developing their knowledge of two dimensional shapes. The students used a number of geometric shapes and variety of collage materials to produce this artwork.

Daniel PB

Grace PA

Brodie PE

Ella PB

Samual PE

Maahier PC


Prep students were introduced to the concept of mixed media artwork. They used oil pastels to draw a step-by-step drawing of a flower before using food dye to paint inside the shapes.

Emily PD



Carey PA


Milani PF


Charli PF

Caitlin PB

Gabriella PD

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The prep students viewed author, illustrator, Eric Carle reading his well-known picture book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. They were introduced to the art element of texture and how to create visual texture using a rubbing plate and oil pastel.

Grace PC

Kira PA

Erica PE

Natalie PB

Alaia PE

Taliyah PC

Elmer the Elephant

After listening to a picture story book about Elmer the Elephant, the prep students created their own Elmer artwork. Using a pre-cut template, the students traced around an elephant shape to begin their artwork. The students then used a ruler to divide up the elephant into sections which they then coloured in using oil pastels. To complete the artwork they attached a paper ear and tail.

Shaaruvika PD

Adrian PA

Mia PF