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Charli 2F

Zoe E 2C

Tenielle 2A


The Year 2 students viewed a cartoon clip about artist Paul Klee and the artworks, ‘Cat and Bird’ and ‘Senecio’. The students learn about warm and cool colours and the art element of value. They used their mixing skills to create exciting new colours by mixing warm and cool colours with black, white and grey.

Israel 2E

Zahra 2B

Shae 2D

Tayte 2A

Jasman 2C

Ava 2E


The Year 2 students viewed a number of artworks produced by American artist, Dean Russo. Through step by step instruction, the students created their own vibrant mixed media artwork using oil pastels, poster paint and black permanent markers. They used coloured oil pastels to decorate their animal with a variety of patterns, lines and shapes. The Year 2 students learnt that they could use poster paint to paint over their oil pastel patterns to enhance their artwork.

Kiara 2D

Jaylina 2F

Luca D 2B