Enhancing Learning with Khan Academy


In the evolving landscape of education, Hillsmeade Primary School has embraced the digital revolution by integrating Khan Academy into its classrooms. This innovative approach particularly enhances the learning experience in mathematics, a subject crucial for early cognitive development.

The Benefits of Khan Academy in Education

  1. Personalized Learning Paths: Khan Academy’s platform allows customised learning experiences, catering to each student’s unique pace and style.
  2. Engagement Through Interactive Content: The engaging videos and interactive exercises keep students interested and motivated.
  3. Accessible Learning Tools: With a focus on accessibility, Khan Academy ensures that high-quality education is reachable for all students, regardless of their socioeconomic background.
  4. Progress Tracking and Analytics: The platform offers teachers robust tools to track student progress, identify areas of improvement, and tailor their teaching strategies accordingly.

Implementing Khan Academy in Maths Sessions

  1. Curriculum Integration: Khan Academy can be seamlessly integrated into the existing maths curriculum, offering supplemental resources that align with classroom teachings.
  2. Interactive and Collaborative Learning: In-class sessions can be transformed into interactive learning experiences, where students engage with videos and exercises, promoting both individual and collaborative learning.
  3. Flipped Classroom Model: Teachers can adopt a flipped classroom approach, where students first engage with Khan Academy content at home and then apply their learning in the classroom through problem-solving and group activities.

Setting Up Khan Academy with Microsoft 365

  1. Creating Accounts: Teachers can easily set up Khan Academy accounts for students using their existing Microsoft 365 credentials, ensuring a secure and streamlined process.
  2. Classroom Management: Integrating with Microsoft 365 allows for efficient management of virtual classrooms, assignments, and student communication.
  3. Data Privacy and Security: Leveraging Microsoft 365’s robust security features, students’ data and progress are securely managed, complying with privacy standards.

Integrating Khan Academy into Hillsmeade Primary School’s maths curriculum represents a significant step forward in educational technology use. By providing personalized, engaging, and accessible learning experiences, Hillsmeade Primary School enhances the quality of maths education and prepares its students for a future where technology and education are inextricably linked.

Example of using Khan Academy in classrooms – Year 3

Weekly Planner for Year 3 Maths with Khan Academy

Monday: Introduction to the Week’s Topic

  • Introduction to the new topic (e.g., basic multiplication). Use a Khan Academy video to introduce the concept.
  • Guided practice at Khan Academy. Students start with introductory exercises.

Tuesday: Deep Dive into Concepts

  • Recap yesterday’s learning. Watch another Khan Academy video for further explanation.
  • Students work on problem sets in Khan Academy, focusing on areas of difficulty.

Wednesday: Practical Application

  • Introduce a real-world application of the concept (e.g., using multiplication in everyday scenarios). A short video or interactive activity.
  • Students work on Khan Academy exercises that simulate real-world scenarios.

Thursday: Reinforcement and Review

  • Review the week’s learning. Use Khan Academy’s quizzes or teacher-created assessments to gauge understanding.
  • Peer learning session. Students help each other with challenging problems on Khan Academy.

Friday: Fun with Maths and Weekly Recap

  • Maths games or activities related to the week’s topic, possibly using Khan Academy’s more interactive resources.
  • Recap of the week. Students share what they learned and complete a fun, interactive quiz on Khan Academy.

Daily End-of-Day Reflection

  • Students write or discuss what they learned, their challenges, and what they enjoyed.


  • Weekly Progress Check: At the end of each week, review student progress on Khan Academy to adjust the following week’s plan.
  • Flexibility: Be prepared to spend extra time on concepts where students show difficulty.
  • Integration with Other Subjects: Whenever possible, integrate maths lessons with other subjects (e.g., using multiplication in a science project).

This planner serves as a flexible guide and should be adapted based on the specific needs and progress of the class. Regular assessment and feedback will help effectively use Khan Academy as a teaching tool.

Further Reading and Resources

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