Everything you need to know on how to enrol your child at Hillsmeade Primary School. If you have questions not answered on this page (and on the linked pages) please contact the school office.

New Prep Students

To start primary school your child will need to turn five years of age by 30 April of the year that they start school. Your child must be at school in the year that they turn six years of age – this is the compulsory school starting age. (DET Policy)

If your child will be starting in Prep in 2019 then you will need to provide a completed enrolment form along with proof of identity and immunisation. We encourage parents to enrol their children as early as possible so that their children can participate in the transition program for new Preps that runs in November and December each year.

See below for more information on forms and the transition program.

Transfers from Other Schools

If your child is transferring from another school to Hillsmeade, then you will need to first have an interview with an Assistant Principal. Please contact the school to arrange an appointment.

We encourage parents to tell both Hillsmeade and their child’s current school about the transfer as soon as possible, because there are a number of required administration steps that take some time. Additionally, there is a state-wide Step-Up day in December each year, so if you’re starting at Hillsmeade next year we encourage you to bring your children to Hillsmeade that day so they can meet their new teacher. We will need to have initiated the transfer and assigned classes before Step-Up Day so the sooner you contact us the better.

School Tours

We run periodic tours of the school for prospective parents to learn about Hillsmeade and see the facilities and teaching in person. School tours will run on these days in 2018:

  • Thursday February 15
  • Tuesday March 6
  • Tuesday May 1
  • Thursday June 7
  • Tuesday July 31
  • Thursday August 30
  • Tuesday October 23
  • Thursday November 29

Please let us know if you are planning to attend a tour — they start at 10am from the School Office. We do not run individual tours, so if you would like to see the school please attend on one of these days.

Transition Program & Step-Up Day

Every year we run a 6-week transition program in November and December for new Prep students the following year. This transition program provides a number of opportunities:

  • For Children: a chance to learn how their Prep classes will be structured each day, to meet their new teachers and fellow students.
  • For Parents: while the students are meeting their new teachers, parents are provided with information sessions about every aspect of Hillsmeade, and are given an opportunity to ask questions.
  • For Teachers: the transition sessions provide an opportunity for all Prep teachers to meet and interact with all future students, and to watch their interactions with other students. This informs their decisions about class and teacher allocations.

Additionally, the Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET) has an annual Step-Up Day in December for Year 6 kids to attend their high school for the following year. On this day we have all our students “step up” for the morning to their classes for the following year to meet their new teachers and fellow classmates. If you will be attending Hillsmeade the following year we encourage you to bring your children to our Step-Up Day.

Required Forms

Enrolment Form

To enrol your child at Hillsmeade Primary you will need to complete an enrolment form and provide specific information about your child. This information is listed on the Department of Education and Training (DET) website, and we are unable to enrol your child until we have received all the required forms.

Enrolment forms are available from the school office.

Please note that the forms need to be completed and signed by both legal guardians. If you are unable to get both parents signatures please contact the school office.

Immunisation History Statement

You will also need to provide your child’s immunisation status via an Immunisation History Statement (IHS) before we can complete enrolment — you can get the IHS through Medicare Online. If you need to get it through the post it an take up to 14 days.

Medical Information (Management Plans)

If your child has a medical condition that may require support during school hours then you should provide details (e.g.: asthma management plan, required daily medications, etc) with your enrolment. Our school nurse can discuss the support we can provide at school, so please contact the school office if you need to discuss your child’s needs.

Required Items