Parent Payments for 2024

Parent Payment Arrangements for 2024 have been approved by School Council, and are now available for parents to pay through Compass (preferred) or at the school administration counter. Total requested contributions for 2024 are $175, please see details in the Parent Payment Arrangements document:

Book Packs for 2024

Book packs for 2024 are now available to order. This year we have partnered with an external provider (Paperchase) and you can order book packs on their website. Orders must be received on or before Sunday December 3 in order to be delivered for the start of the 2024 school year.

Click here to order your book packs for your children.
Enter code BTSHPS 

do not enter Hillsmeade, only the code BTSHPS will work

How do I order a book pack?

Can I order a partial pack? What if I don’t need all of the items?

  • If you use the school-nominated supplier then you can only order a full pack, not a partial pack. This means that the cost for all packs is lower (it is more expensive to custom-pick book packs).
  • If you want to only buy certain items, you will need to obtain these yourself from your preferred supplier (Officeworks, Big W, etc). Book lists are available on Compass.

What happens if I miss the December 3 cut off date?

  • Any orders placed after December 3 will have a $5 processing fee.
  • Orders placed after December 3 may not be available for the first day of school in 2024.
  • Online ordering is closed permanently on February 1, 2024.

How do I get the book pack? Will it be delivered to my house?

  • Books packs will be delivered to the school and will be available to students on the first day of school in 2024.
  • There is no home-delivery option available (to keep costs down).

How much do the book packs cost?

  • The book packs have slightly different contents in each year level and therefore different costs. Please see the lists in Compass (or the ordering website) for costs.

Are there any discounts available? Concession card holders? Discounts for multiple packs?

  • There are no discounts for concession holders or for multiple packs.

I want to have my book pack over the summer break, is that possible?

  • The packs will not be available for pickup at the school. They will be delivered to students in class at the start of 2024.
  • If you want to cover books or have the stationery over the summer you will need to source your own book pack.

Do I have to use the online website?

  • No, you are free to source the required stationery from anywhere. The online website is provided as a convenient option for parents. Payment through the website can be made with VISA or Mastercard credit or debit cards. ZIP Pay is also available.

Can I come and buy the book pack in the office?

  • No, the school is not selling book packs from the office. They are only available online through the website. The school is not involved in the transaction — you will be paying the external provider directly.

Can I buy the book packs on Compass?

  • No, the school is not selling book packs. They are only available online through the supplier website.

Can I buy the book pack in person from the supplier?

  • No the supplier (Paperchase) do not have a retail store. Items are only available for order online through the website.

Can I bring stationery from home?

  • Yes, you can supply stationery from anywhere (Big W, Smiggle, Officeworks, etc) so long as your child has at least all of the items in the list in the correct sizes and quantities.

What is in the book pack for each year level?

  • You can see the full book list on the website, and it can be printed to paper or PDF on the website. Copies are also available in the office.

Does the school supply stationery?

  • No the school does not sell or provide book packs. Your children will need to bring their own book packs at the start of 2023 if you do not use the website.

I am experiencing financial difficulty and cannot afford stationery.

  • Please contact the school to discuss.

Can I use CSEF?

  • CSEF is Camps, Sports and Excursions Funding, and therefore cannot be used for purchasing book packs.

Where and when will the book packs be delivered?

  • If you use the website to buy book packs for your children then they will be delivered to the school and will be available at school when your children return to school in 2024.
  • If you are sourcing the book pack stationery yourself then your child will need to bring it with them when they start school in 2024.
  • The book packs cannot be collected from the supplier (Paperchase).