School hours are 8.50am to 3.15pm during term, except for the last day of each term. Children should be dropped off no earlier than 8.35am, and picked up by 3.30pm. The calendar of term dates is here on our website.

You can see the normal daily timetable here. Recess break is 10.55am-11.15am, and lunch playtime is 1.30pm-2.15pm. Please do not attempt to pick up your children during playtime, it is very difficult to get their attention when they’re out playing in the yard.

If you need to drop your children off before 8.35am or pick them up after 3.30pm then you will need to make alternative arrangements such as the OSHC program. Children should not be left unsupervised in the school grounds.

Late Starts and Early Departures

Sometimes your child will need to start late or leave school early (e.g.: for a medical appointment).

Arriving Late With a Parent

If you need to drop off your children late then bring them to the main school office directly so that we can sign them in. DO NOT take your children directly to class — during the school day all visitors must come to the office. This is a legal requirement.

Arriving Late Without a Parent

If students arrive late without a parent then they must come to the office to be signed in. This will be recorded as “Late – Unexplained” and you will be prompted in Compass to provide an explanation.

Students must not go directly to class when arriving late because their attendance will not be updated, and they will appear as “Absent – Unexplained”. In this situation all parents/carers will receive an SMS message at 10am prompting saying that we do not know where their child is.

Collecting a Student Early

If you need to pick your children up early then please allow extra time to call them up to the office. We are not able to have children waiting in the office because they are unsupervised and unsafe. Please do not ask your children to come up and wait in the office, we will send them back to class.

Please see the daily timetable for recess and lunch times. If you need to pick up your child during recess and lunch please come to the school before play time and pick them up early. If your child is out in the playground and they usually won’t hear announcements to come to the office.

Walking & Riding to School

Where possible, we encourage parents to walk and ride with their children to and from school.

Note: Generally speaking, children under the age of twelve do not have the neuro-physiological and psychological development to cope with complex traffic situations on their own (from DET.)

There are three school crossings patrolled by crosswalk attendants with flags indicated on the map below in blue. Please use these crossings when walking and riding to school.

Parent Parking

All parking around the school is provided by the City of Casey, there is no parking for parents on the school grounds. The map below shows suggested parent parking as provided by the City of Casey (marked in green).

Please note: there is no parent parking in the staff car park, and students should not walk through the staff car park before or after school. Parents parking in the staff carpark have caused near-misses with students, and have resulted in teachers unable to get a parking spot and being late to class.

If you have feedback on the type or amount of parking around the school, or behaviour of other drivers around the school, this is the responsibility of the City of Casey, so please provide feedback directly to them. The school has no ownership or power over facilities outside our fenceline.

On the map below:

  • Blue diamonds indicate a City of Casey school crossing with an attendant. The attendants are there 8.15-9.00am and 3.00-3.30pm.
  • The red area is the staff car park: strictly no parking for parents, and families & students should not walk through the car park, it is extremely dangerous.
  • The green areas indicate street parking around the school. These are entirely managed by the City of Casey.