“The whole world is a stage”

William Shakespeare

Mrs Carmen Collins is an experienced and passionate teacher of 24 years and a member of the Hillsmeade Community for 19 years. Recently moved into the Performing Arts domain, providing engaging and fun lessons across years prep – 6, for 1 hour a week across a 6-month program.

“I teach performing arts with a passion ignited by the transformative power of artistic expression. In the world of performing arts, I see a gateway to unlocking creativity, fostering self-confidence, and cultivating essential life skills. It’s not merely about teaching dance steps, vocal techniques, or acting methods; it’s about nurturing individuals who discover the magic of their own voices, movements, and stories. Performing arts education empowers students to embrace their uniqueness, work collaboratively, and build resilience. Beyond the stage, these skills become lifelong assets, preparing students for a world that values creativity, adaptability, and empathy. Through teaching performing arts, I aim to inspire a love for the arts, instil confidence, and equip students with the tools to shine both on and off the stage, enriching their lives in ways that extend far beyond the spotlight.”

Curriculum & Learning

Performing Arts forms a part of the specialist curriculum taught at Hillsmeade Primary School under The Arts banner, incorporating drama, music and dance. We follow the Victorian Curriculum and its achievement standards encompassing the Victorian Drama Curriculum 4 main areas of Explore and Express ideas, Drama Practices, Present and Perform and Respond and Interpret.

  • Creativity and Expression: Encouraging students to express themselves through various forms of performing arts, such as drama, music, and dance. We want every child to express themselves in the most dazzling and imaginative ways possible and most importantly feel safe to be themselves.
  • Skill Development: Providing opportunities for students to develop and enhance their skills in areas like acting, singing, dancing, puppets, masks, reading scripts, digital drama and other performance-related disciplines.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork: Fostering an environment where students learn to work collaboratively with their peers, promoting teamwork, turn-taking and clear communication skills.
  • Cultural Understanding: Introducing students to a diverse range of performing arts styles, traditions, and cultures to broaden their understanding and appreciation.
  • Confidence Building: Helping students build confidence in their abilities to perform in front of an audience, whether it be through solo or group performances. Watch as our students conquer the stage with beaming smiles and fearless performances. We’re turning every shy whisper into a confident roar!
  • Critical Thinking: Encouraging students to analyse and interpret performances, becoming an audience member, fostering critical thinking skills and an appreciation for the arts.
  • Integration with Other Subjects: Connecting performing arts education with other areas of the curriculum, creating a holistic learning experience.

EXTRA CURRICULAR – Performing arts is not just taught in the classroom…

  • Senior students perform in a production every two years. In 2023, our production was a sold-out show at Bunjil Place called Mystery at Magpie Manor.
  • We also participate every two years in the V.S.S.S (Victorian State Schools Spectacular), dancing in the mass dance section with many other schools and this is broadcast on TV.
  • Students also have the opportunity to practise and polish their performing skills through initiatives like Hillsmeade’s Got Talent, End of Year Christmas Extravaganza, Class, Individual and Cohort performances at assembly and performing various plays, scripts, improvisations and puppet shows in the performing arts classroom and presenting speeches such as when applying for leadership positions, S.R.C. and speaking at assembly.
  • We have lots of fun getting involved in incursions such as Circus Skills Australia, dress-up days, book week and drama presentations like Drama Box Fairytale incursion.