About the Canteen

The school canteen is run by an external provider: H&H Canteens. The school does not provide staff for the canteen, and it no longer uses parent volunteers.

Ordering & Payments

All ordering and payments is done through QuickCliq. This is a website (not an app) and it is accessible on all devices (computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones).

If you require assistance with QuickCliq you can email them on support@quickcliq.com.au or call their helpdesk on 1300 11 66 37.

Orders cannot be placed after 9.00am.


  • Before 9am: You can cancel your order through the QuickCliq app before 9am.
  • Between 9am and 10.55am: You can still cancel an order, but you will need to call the school to cancel as it can no longer be done through QuickCliq
  • After 10.55am: the order can no longer be cancelled. No refunds are available as the order will already have been made.

How Orders Are Delivered

Each day the classroom sends any canteen bags (thermally insulated lunch bags students have brought with them) down to the canteen during morning Home Group at 8.55am.

Canteen orders are placed in baskets — one basket per-class — outside the canteen immediately before lunch-eating time starts at 1.15pm. Each class sends two students down to the canteen to collect the basket of lunches and bring it back to the classroom at 1.15pm ready for lunch-eating time. The classroom teacher supervises distribution of canteen lunches to students.

If you have any questions about this process please reach out directly to the classroom teacher.