The Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority aims to develop students’ mathematical understanding, fluency, logical reasoning, analytical thought, and problem-solving skills. It focuses on ensuring students are numerically and spatially capable, providing a foundation for further education and everyday life application.’

Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority.


At Hillsmeade Primary School, we employ a comprehensive Maths Inquiry Cycle designed to enhance mathematical understanding and proficiency among our students. This structured approach encompasses a systematic process that begins with identifying the learning needs of students and assessing their current mathematical abilities. We use Essential Assessments and the prep Maths Online Interview as our online assessment tool, as well as other formative and summative assessments. Through careful analysis, our teachers gain insights into individual strengths and areas for improvement, laying the foundation for targeted and personalised instruction.

Once the initial assessment has been complete, the Maths Inquiry Cycle moves into the planning phase, where teachers design tailored lesson plans and activities to address identified gaps. The implementation stage involves delivering engaging lessons that align with the curriculum while integrating innovative teaching methodologies. We use Top Ten maths resources to help with our lesson plans to provide engaging activities and multiple exposures to learn the concepts for a hands-on learning approach before moving into the abstract learning of mathematics. Ongoing assessment and feedback mechanisms are integral components, ensuring continuous monitoring of student progress and allowing for timely adjustments to teaching strategies. Our Maths School Improvement Team continue to discuss and investigate best practice to enhance all the programs we use to deliver our viable maths curriculum. This cyclical nature of inquiry, assessment, and adaptation reflects the commitment at Hillsmeade Primary School to fostering a dynamic and effective learning environment that supports the development of strong mathematical skills among students.