Learning is a treasure that follows its owner everywhere.” —

Chinese Proverb

Hillsmeade School’s High Ability Program Featuring the ICAS

Nurturing Excellence through International Standards

At Hillsmeade School, we believe in unlocking the potential of every student, especially those with high abilities. Our dedicated high-ability program is designed to challenge, inspire, and support our brightest minds. A cornerstone of this endeavour is our adoption of the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) – a globally recognised standard of excellence.

What is the ICAS Program?

The ICAS program, established over 30 years ago, is an independent, skills-based assessment program for primary and secondary school students. Covering key areas such as Mathematics, English, Science, and more, ICAS comprehensively evaluates students’ capabilities beyond regular classroom activities.

Why Hillsmeade Chose ICAS for High-Ability Students

Our choice to integrate ICAS into our High-Ability program stems from its alignment with our educational philosophy – to provide challenging, enriching, and globally relevant learning. ICAS helps identify our students’ strengths and nurtures their talents with a global perspective. It offers an international benchmark, allowing our students to understand their standing on a global platform.

ICAS and Its Impact on Student Development

The ICAS program challenges our students with problem-solving and critical thinking tasks beyond regular curriculum standards. This has led to remarkable improvements in academic achievements and enhanced students’ confidence and love for learning. “ICAS has been a turning point for many of our students, providing them with the challenges they crave and the recognition they deserve,” shares Mr. Johnson, a lead teacher in the program.

2023 Participates

In 2023, we are proud to recognise the remarkable efforts of our Year 4, 5 & 6 students who participated in the ICAS Program. This year, 30 students took the mathematics assessment, and 25 took the English assessment.

Here are the award recipients from Hillsmeade.

4YUVRAJ SINGHParticipation
4ANAM HAZARAParticipationParticipation
4CHLOE LOUParticipationParticipation
4KIARA SHAHParticipationParticipation
4JESSIE KANGParticipationParticipation
4ADVAITH MENONParticipationParticipation
4EVNI SANGARANGE DONParticipationParticipation
4AGNEY  MADHUCreditHigh Distinction
5VAHIN   MEHTAParticipation
5HANNAH CHOEParticipation
5CHLOE RYUParticipation
5ANAY TRIVEDIParticipationParticipation
5MITCHELL HOLMESParticipationCredit
5GRACE KIMParticipationDistinction
5ANNELISE MACFARLANEParticipationParticipation
5LEO AKKASParticipationParticipation
5GIANNA CHOCreditDistinction
6ALLEN KANGParticipationParticipation
6LEX WHITEHEADParticipationParticipation
6AGAAS KAUR BUMRAHMeritParticipation
6BELINDA HOUMeritDistinction
6PARHAM SHILANI TOUSICreditParticipation
6MICHAEL TANTRADistinctionCredit

Future Prospects and Ongoing Development

Looking ahead to 2024, Hillsmeade is committed to continuously evolving our High-Ability program to align with educational advancements and global trends. We encourage our students to engage with ICAS throughout their academic journey, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.