The Vision

At Hillsmeade Primary School, we believe in fostering an environment where every student, regardless of their background, abilities, or differences, is not just accommodated but actively included. Our commitment to inclusion means providing equal opportunities for all students to succeed, both academically and personally. Whether through individual education plans, diverse extracurricular activities and supportive staff, we ensure that each student feels supported and valued. By celebrating diversity and embracing the unique strengths of every individual, we cultivate a school community that thrives on being inclusive and creating a foundation for lifelong learning and success for all.


Paul Hill

Assistant Principal



Emma Zach

Disability Inclusion Leader

Jenny Shaw

Disability Inclusion Coordinator

Disability Inclusion Program (DIP)

The Disability Inclusion Program is part of the Government’s approach to inclusive education. It provides support for students with disabilities in Victorian Government Schools. Inclusive Educations means all members of every school community are valued and supported. Everyone can fully participate, learn, develop, and succeed within an inclusive school culture. Disability Inclusion is a strength-based approach, that focuses on the supports and adjustments a student requires to participate on the same basis as their peers. At Hillsmeade Primary School we create a team around the learner with communication the key to ensuring that all students receive the supports that they need to thrive.