At Hillsmeade Primary School we realise the importance of Mathematics and the lifelong skills needed for students to become successful and informed citizens of the future. Teachers at Hillsmeade work hard to ensure that students are delivered a rich, exciting, interesting and explicit curriculum across Mathematical concepts.

In-line with the Victorian Curriculum F–10, Hillsmeade students undertake learning the knowledge and skills that underpin numeracy and are explicitly taught in the Mathematics strands Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability. Students are provided with a wide range of rich learning opportunities that are scaffolded based on identified student need across concepts. These skills are reinforced and further exemplified in and across other curriculum areas. Through this process, students recognise that mathematics is widely used both in and outside school and learn to apply mathematical knowledge and skills in a wide range of familiar and unfamiliar situations.

Hillsmeade Primary school has identified Mathematics as a focus area across all year levels. Each day students have an hour of Mathematics. These lessons incorporate explicit teaching, skill practice opportunities, use of hands on materials, use of interactive resources and reflection time.