The study of literacy is central to the learning and development of all students. It helps create confident communicators, imaginative thinkers and informed citizens. It is through the study of literacy that our students learn to analyse, understand, communicate and build relationships with others and with the world around them.

Literacy is a fundamental part of the Victorian Curriculum and an important part of the Education State. We are committed to explicitly teaching reading and writing for five hours per week, respectively. We provide students with opportunities to develop skills in the English modes of Reading, Writing and Speaking & Listening, through the strands of Language, Literature and Literacy, aligned to the Victorian Curriculum. This also includes the cross-curricular capabilities of ethical, critical and creative thinking.

Literacy at Hillsmeade Primary School

Young students begin to develop an appreciation and enjoyment of language through reading rich texts, communicating through drawing and writing, and listening and responding to others effectively.

At Hillsmeade, our students learn to listen to, read, view, speak, write, create and reflect on spoken, written and multimodal texts with accuracy, fluency and purpose. Our students are invested in their learning of literacy. They learn the skills of inquiring into the English language and develop an informed appreciation of quality literature.

Our two daily sessions of the Reader’s and Writer’s Workshops include explicit teaching, guided practice and reflection time.

Reader’s WorkshopWriter’s Workshop
Shared, guided and independent readingModelled, shared and independent writing
ConferringLanguage Experience and Vocabulary
Oral Language Writer’s Notebook
Phonological AwarenessConferring
Basic/Advanced Phonics and SpellingWriting process – drafting, revising, editing, publishing
FluencyGrammar and Conventions
VocabularyCraft skills
Comprehension skillsWriter’s Gift