This article covers why we use events and how to view your children’s events, and in other articles we cover providing consent and payment, and using payment plans for the bigger events like camps.

What is an Event?

An event in Compass is used for most activities involving students that aren’t regular classes. These include camps, excursions, incursions, guest speakers, sporting events, and optional testing like ICAS. We will always create a Compass Event if parent payment or consent is required.

How Do I See My Child’s Events?

Events are only visible when you are logged in to the Compass website, not inside the app on your device. Generally you will receive a targeted news item when a new event requires your attention, but at any time you can see the list of past, current and future events for your child by clicking Events in the Organisation menu:

You will then see a list of events that your children have been invited too, and controls for providing payment and/or consent if it is required. Each event will show exactly which of your children are invited to attend — if you have two children invited to the same event then there will be two rows for that event.

If you click on the title of an event you will be able to see the full details of the event, including time, date, transport and educational purpose.

The bottom of this screen has a Resources section — here we will provide detailed information to parents about the event, such as brochures, links to websites, packing lists, schedules, etc.