This article is about how to add notes/approvals for your child being away from school. We mark the roll twice a day as per Victorian DET requirements: 9.00am and 2.30pm. If your child was not present and there are no absence approvals on record, you will be asked through Compass to provide an explanation.

Being Notified About Unexplained Absences

If your child has been marked as Not Present during the morning or afternoon roll, then you will be notified with a message the next time you log in to Compass (there are no emails or push notifications). You will have one of these notifications for each child that has unexplained absences.


Explaining Absences

To explain the absence, click on the notification and you will be presented with a list of absences for that child. You can explain one or more absences at a time by selecting the box next to the absence:


And then clicking Explain with Note/Approval:

You will then be presented with the Attendance Note Editor window, where you should choose an absence type from the drop-down list:

And then you can enter some text to further explain the illness. Once you’re done, press Save.

This information will automatically be saved in Compass and their attendance records will be updated.

Planned Absences

If you’re planning to have your child away from school (e.g.: for a planned medical appointment or a family holiday) then you can enter absence notes in advance. However the school is not automatically notified when you enter these notes, so please let us know in advance. You can either contact the office, email your child’s teacher, or speak to your child’s teacher at school.

Something Not Right?

If you’re unsure about an absence or have questions, then you should speak to your child’s teacher or contact the office.