Compass allows the school to post news to parents about events that are happening at the school, and to notify parents that there are news items to read. This article covers how the news items are targeted, and how to make sure you’re notified of updates from the school.

Targeted News Items

Compass allows the school to send news items to specific grade levels and classes. If you see a news item on Compass, then you can be sure that it is relevant to you.

For example, if the school makes a post about the Grade 4 Camp, then we would send it to all parents of Grade 4 students. If you have a child in Grade 4 then you will see the news item and if you have no children in Grade 4 you won’t see it.

Similarly, teachers have the ability to post news items for their own classes, so only parents of children in that class will see it.

If you are using the Compass app for your device, the most recent news items relevant to you will be shown as soon as you open the app, right underneath the photos of your children.

If you log in to the Compass website, your news items are displayed down the right hand side of the page.

Getting Notified of News

There are three options for notifying parents when we post a news item:

  1. No notification
  2. Email
  3. Push notifications

If the school chooses no notification for a news item then the news item appears visible to parents in their news feed, but they will only see if they log in to Compass (website or app) and look at the news feed.

The teacher creating the news item can also choose email notification, which means all relevant parents will receive an email immediately. The email doesn’t contain the news item, it just tells parents to log in to Compass and check the news feed.

The last option is a push notification. If a parent has the Compass app installed on the phone or iPad (and has notifications turned on) then they will receive a notification about the news item. If they tap on the notification it will open the Compass app and display the news item — this is the easiest way to ensure you keep up-to-date with the school.

For this reason it is highly recommended that you download the Compass School Manager app to your device. The team at the office are happy to help you with this process!

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