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Miss Wang – 王玮

The Mandarin program at Hillsmeade PS, in line with Victorian Curriculum, provides opportunities for students to:  

  • Establish linguistic awareness from the perspective of a character-based language. 
  • Learn about basic Chinese characters through a range of hands-on activities, including constructing characters with paper strips or play dough, prior to handwriting sessions. 
  • Develop pronunciation skills with the knowledge of Pinyin (Romanised pronunciation system in Mandarin). 
  • Play various teacher-designed board and online games that help reinforce focused vocabulary. 
  • Engage in well-structured units of work that have a strong focus on conversational language 
  • Participate in a variety of Chinese cultural activities, including music, dancing, art, cooking and celebrations. 
  • Explore impacts of migrants on Australian history in the past and modern times through guided research projects. 

You can send images & videos of your work to Miss Wang at this email address:


  • 从基于汉字字符的语言角度建立语言意识 
  • 通过一系列动手活动来学习基础汉字,包括在学习手写汉字之前用纸条或橡皮泥构造汉字  
  • 利用拼音(普通话的罗马字符发音系统)知识来建立发音技能 
  • 通过参与由老师设计制作的桌游和在线游戏,强化记忆重点词汇
  • 参与结构良好的学习单元,重点培养口语会话能力  
  • 参加多种中国文化活动,包括音乐舞蹈艺术烹饪和节庆 
  • 通过指导性研究课题,探索移民对过去和现代澳大利亚历史的影响。