This article is all about the public school calendar in Compass. There’s some really useful information in here about how to show the calendar in your phone’s calendar app, or in your Outlook.

Viewing the Calendar on the Compass website

When you log in to Compass on the website, the second icon at the top takes you to the school calendar.

When you click it, it opens the calendar in a new tab/window.

On the left-hand side are the calendar layers — there will be one for each child, and also some parent-visible calendars in dark green. If you click on these labels on the left it will toggle show/hide for that layer in the calendar.

If you hover your mouse over an item in the Parent Calendar you can see more information about it.

If you click on one of the class sessions for your child it will take you to the class page for that subject.

If you click on one of the events in your child’s calendar (the light green entries) it will take you to the information page about that event, where you can also provide payment/consent if it is required.

Viewing the Calendar in the Compass App

The Compass app doesn’t have a dedicated calendar view, but you can open Compass in a web browser — see yesterday’s Compass Tip for details.

However, if you tap your child’s photo in the app it will show their activities for today (including any events) and you can tap the calendar button to move to a different day.

View the Calendar in your phone’s Calendar app or Microsoft Outlook

You can show a read-only version of the Parent Calendar and the Events Calendar in your phone’s calendar app, or your Google Calendar or Outlook calendar. They will be updated automatically, so as we add new events your phone/Outlook will be automatically updated.

You will need the link to each of the calendars in order to subscribe to them. The two links are in the table below — you can right-click and choose Copy Link on your computer.

Parent Calendar use this link
Events Calendar use this link

The exact way to subscribe to the calendar depends upon what you’re using. Here are some common calendar applications (you will need to follow the steps below twice, once for each of the calendars above):

iPhone/iPad Calendar

  1. On your phone/iPad, load this page and tap the links above
  2. Your iPhone will prompt you to subscribe to the calendar, tap Subscribe
  3. The events for that calendar will now appear in the calendar app on your iPhone

Microsoft Outlook

  1. In the Calendar tab in Outlook, right-click on My Calendars, and choose Add Calendar and then From Internet.
  2. Paste in the link from the table above and click OK
  3. You will now see the events from that calendar in your Outlook.

Google Calendar

  1. Locate the accordion section “Other calendars” on the left
  2. Click on the down arrow on the right-hand side of “Other calendars”
  3. Add By Url
  4. Copy link from the table above
  5. Paste into the URL text box
  6. Click “Add Calendar”