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STEAM education and skills are vital. Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) covers a wide range of knowledge and skills, which are increasingly in demand in a rapidly changing world.

STEAM is a fundamental part of the Victorian Curriculum and an important part of the Education State. At Hillsmeade, this includes the learning areas of Mathematics, Science, Design and Technologies, and Digital Technologies, as well as cross-curricular capabilities such as ethical, critical and creative thinking.

Science at Hillsmeade Primary School

Mrs Dimple Bhardwaj

Young students express natural interest and wondering about scientific nature. At Hillsmeade, teachers capture and nurture their curiosity about the world, engage them to be creative, use their imagination and help them explore science so students can become scientifically literate.

We are committed to explicitly teaching science weekly. We provide hands-on activities for the students to engage in a meaningful way. In line with the Victorian Curriculum, we emphasise the Science Inquiry Skills. These encourage young children to identify and pose questions, plan, conduct and reflect on investigations, process, analyse and interpret evidence and communicate findings confidently.

Science UnderstandingScience Inquiry Skills
Science as a human endeavourQuestioning and predicting
Biological sciencesPlanning and conducting
Chemical sciencesRecording and processing
Earth and space sciencesAnalysing and evaluating
Physical sciencesCommunicating

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